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V312 Upgrade and Print Tool

Upgrade function
Preparation conditions: “A TYPE-C data cable, a Windows computer and a device link
Download the upgrade software "UPDATA.exe", the software can be downloaded from www.elm327.
Press and hold the “down button” of the host and insert the type-c cable into the USB port on the computer. The device enters the upgrade mode “IAP MODE” as shown below.

After the TYPE-C cable is plugged into the computer, the driver software will be installed automatically. For example, the serial port shown below is COM12.

Open the upgrade tool and select the serial port. Open the serial port and you will be prompted to open the serial port successfully.

Select the upgrade package as "VC312_UPDATA.bin"
Click to start the upgrade, the upgrade progress bar will be displayed, indicating that the upgrade is successful.


Preparation condition: insert a TYPE-C data cable into the Windows computer and link to the device.
Download the serial data viewing software "UartAssist.exe" which can be downloaded at

Devise: click “Print Datastream” to view all the saved data and send it to the computer via serial port.
Computer: click to open "UartAssist" to view the received data, and copy/paste the printed data.